Webinar: Bridging the generation gap in safety engagement

The modern workforce is evolving. Changing demographics and a multigenerational workforce is creating a diverse mix of individuals with different work ethics, communication styles and expectations.

In response, some organisations struggle to successfully engage both younger and older generations of their workforce with safety.

How can organisations engage a multigenerational workforce with safety? What role does technology play in helping to encourage engagement?

Join the team from SHE Software for a short, informative 20-minute webinar (plus Q&A) on Thursday 27 September at 3pm where we will discuss how organisations can use technology to help remove the barriers to safety engagement across their workforce. In particular, presenters will discuss:

  • Why do we need to change perceptions around safety?
  • Adopting a simplistic approach
  • The role of leadership

The webinar will conclude with a demonstration of how health and safety software can help underpin the key principles discussed during the session.