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Getting to the events behind your safety data

Organisations collect large amounts of data relating to health, safety and compliance. However, it can be challenging for health and safety professionals to drill down to the real insights that sit behind the data.

As a result, future safety activities across an organisation can be limited to data that is simple to collect and analyse. Commonly, in the form of lagging indicators rather than leading indicators.

Technology can provide a platform to help translate safety data into insights that provide the information to make more informed safety decisions and target activities. Tools such as Business Intelligence (BI) can provide a live picture of an organisations safety performance rather than the traditional monthly snapshot – helping health and safety professionals get to the events behind the data.

Join the team from SHE Software for a complimentary webinar on Tuesday 29 January at 3pm where we will look at how technology can help track leading metrics and drive improvements as part of a proactive approach to compliance and support.

In particular, the webinar will discuss:
  •     Reviewing leading and lagging indicators
  •     Improving the levels of reporting to drive actionable insights
  •     Drilling in to safety data to uncover the real trends
The webinar will conclude with a demonstration of how health and safety software can help underpin the key principles discussed during the session.