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How much time do you spend on EHS admin?

How long does it take to create manual reports?
Are you frustrated about having to duplicate information across multiple systems?


How much time do you spend duplicating information across multiple systems, undertaking admin and manually compiling reports?

If the answer is too much - you’re not alone!

We speak with thousands of EHS professionals each year. On average, we find they spend at least one day a week on admin tasks, manual reporting and duplicating content across multiple systems. That's the equivalent of at least every Friday!


"Assure has reduced the time and resource spent on reporting by 75%. Our employees in remote locations, often with limited connectivity can still complete safety actions and report in real-time, on-the-go without any need for duplication."
- Environment, Health and Safety Manager, Dematic

SHE Software is here to help get your Friday back!

Assure, our EHS management software, removes the need for double entry, paper forms and multiple systems. Our customers are reducing their admin time by up to 85%.

Accessible via any mobile device, employees and contractors can easily track, report and view EHS information 24/7, on-site or off-site. 


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"Assure removes the ‘smoky mirror’ effect from using an Excel spreadsheet. Health and safety data is now of quality standard and instantly accessible to stakeholders whenever it’s needed."
- Compliance, Safety and Training Manager, Owens Group

You don’t want to be stuck behind a desk. Eliminate manual processes and get back to what you care about – being proactive, keeping people safe.

Key ways in which Assure will benefit your organization

Use preconfigured management reports to show industry standard KPI's and metrics. Build custom reports - select the fields, format and multiple filters. Export to Word, Excel, HTML or PDF, or link your data directly to Excel.
Configure multiple graphs and tables in the user specific dashboard in each module to instantly display KPI's personally relevant to you.
Create, for each module, custom email notification templates to send when records are created or edited or when RAG rating changes.
Configures status ratings to automatically categorise records as Red, Amber or Green. Define notifications to be sent to different groups to alert them to the seriousness of a situation.
Assign actions from anywhere in the system; notify by email; remind and escalate; track with action tracker.
Share policy, guidance and risk assessment documentation through the portal. Capture safe/unsafe acts, near misses or any other type of information through configurable forms available on any web enabled device.
Configure Assure to match your internal processes. Change captions, set default values and specify mandatory fields. Create question sets, configure your risk matrix and add your corporate logo.
Create as many organisational units as you need, linked in unlimited levels to mirror your organisational structure
Collate users into groups with common security privileges and define read/create/delete access for any group and at any level of your organizational structure. Set specific records as confidential.




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