In “Back to the Future Part II”, Marty McFly went 30 years into the future to a time where flying cars were the norm. The date? It was Oct. 21, 2015.

We are now in 2020, and the technology promised is still just a dream. Even with the amount of technology available at our fingertips, organizations are still faced with a lack of data, insight and action.

Even worse, many of these organizations are still relying on the #2 pencil as part of their health and safety processes. With tools like that, how can we improve our safety performance? 

Join Richard Eagles, Regional Director at DuPont Sustainable Solutions and Julian Taylor, Head of Solutions Architects at SHE Software for a complimentary webinar as they cover taking action to improve your organization’s safety program. 

Presenters will discuss: 

  • Establishing a cycle to improve safety performance continuously
  • Improving the flow, quality and consistency of data 
  • Getting out from behind the desk to provide value and prevent injuries
Powering Continuous Improvement in Safety



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SHE Software Presenters:


Julian Taylor

Julian Taylor is Head of Solutions Architects at SHE Software. He manages a team across the UK who work closely with organisations to clearly map out their issues, challenges and objectives to identify how technology can support.

He has worked within the health and safety sector for 20 years in a variety of HR and training roles and is NEBOSH qualified. Julian  is passionate about engaging and empowering the broader teams within organisations to make safety happen and ‘simply be part of what we do’.




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