Webinar: ISO 45001 – is it the ‘silver bullet’ of employee safety?

ISO 45001, the recently published  international standard, aims to reduce the occurrence of occupational injuries and diseases - but is it the ‘silver bullet’ of employee safety?

Published in March this year, the new standard aims to bring consistency to occupational health and safety standards and help organizations to develop sustainable safety cultures. 

But like any standard, system or process, implementation in isolation won’t necessarily make your workplace safer - so how can you ensure you have the correct tools and processes to support safety?

Join us for an informative 30-minute webinar (plus Q&A) on ISO 45001 and how it fits into a holistic approach to safety, on Tuesday, September 25 at 12pm (CT) where our team will discuss:

  • Key principles of ISO 45001
  • How can organisations truly engage employees?
  • Improving safety performance in line with ISO 45001

The webinar will conclude with a demonstration of how health and safety software can help your organization implement a culture where everybody takes responsibility.